Danny Glenn

Danny Glenn received a Bachelor of Science degree in both Biology (with an emphasis inzoology) and Geology (emphasis in paleontology) from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1981.After working as a geologist in Columbia, South America as a geologist, he received a Texas State Teacher’s Certification from Sam Houston State University in 1984.He taught public school (Junior High and High School) until receiving a Master of Science degree in Biology with a graduate minor in Geology, also from Sam Houston State University.  Mr. Glenn started teaching at WCJC in the fall of 1991 as an instructor of Biology and Geology.  He currently teaches physical and historical geology classes and their labs.

1991 – Present     WCJC Biology/Geology Instructor 
1988 - 1990          Huntsville ISD Teacher, Junior High and High School in Huntsville, Texas
1984 - 1988          Real Estate Salesman/Graduate Student @ SHSU
1982 - 1984          Geologist for Ingeconse, Ltd. (Petroleum Pipeline Company), Bogata, Colombia, SA


WCJC offers the student classes in both physical and historical geology. Completion of a lecture class in geology earns the student 3 credit hours of science. Laboratory classes in geology are separate, whereby, upon completion, the student earns 1 credit hour. These satisfy the transfer science block requirements for most universities. Since the laboratories are separate 1-hour classes from the 3-hour lecture classes, students are able to fulfill their science requirements for a great variety of 4-year degree programs that may require 6, 7, or 8 hours of science credit. This allows the student at WCJC to complete only the needed lecture and laboratory hours for their particular degree program.

The fulltime and part-time geology faculty of WCJC has a rich and varied background in both professional field geology experience and years of teaching expertise. Fully equipped and modern laboratory facilities allow the student to experience ãhands onä geology with the investigation of mineral and rock specimens, a great variety of fossils, and geologic maps.


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