Sherry King


NOTE for using Blackboard: On the WCJC website home page, you will find the Blackboard symbol in the lower right side of the screen. Please click on that button. Follow the instructions given on the screen for access to the Blackboard website. Be sure to use the @ symbol in front of your student ID number when you log in. As you will see, the PowerPoint slides are full screen in the original version, if you want to print the PowerPoint slides, you will want to print the Large Adobe slides in multiple sheets by selecting "Page Scaling" and then "Multiple Sheets" in your print screen. Determine the number (6 works fine), and then I like to select the Print Border. That works well. Select Properties and then Black and white in order to save colored ink. If you wish to print a single Slide in color, you will need to select "none" on the "Page Scaling" and in "Properties" change the selection to color. Look carefully at the document and decide what you want to do before clicking to print or you will waste a lot of paper. Let me know if you have a problem or any questions.  


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Last Updated: 5/22/14