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Getting Started with your Faculty Web Page

  1. Read and understand “Regulation 773: Faculty Web Pages”.

  2. Download and complete the “Faculty Web Page Application Form” from the “College Forms” page on the WCJC Intranet. This form must be accompanied with photocopies of copyright clearances and Publicity Releases for any images or documents used if applicable. Please submit the completed and signed “Faculty Web Page Application Form” to the College’s Webmaster via campus mail.

  3. After receiving the completed and signed “Faculty Web Page Application Form”, the Webmaster will set up a FacultyWeb User Account for you. Your account will contain a preset Profile page (or Home page) which contains your WCJC employee photo and contact information. The Webmaster will provide you with the URL of your Faculty Web page so you can login by clicking on the “Last Updated” link on the bottom left hand side of your screen. After logging in, you can add more content into the editable areas using a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor on your Profile page and create new pages using the built-in template. Please follow the steps in the Faculty Web Tutorial to log into your FacultyWeb user account and create your WCJC FacultyWeb pages.

  4. After your new faculty web site is published and functional, it is the faculty member’s responsibility to have the content supervisor (division chairs) notify the Web Review Group, so that the new faculty web site will be linked from the departmental web page and the Employee Directory.


Last Updated: 5/6/19