Jon Loessin

Study Interests and Specializations

Jon K. Loessin, Ph. D.


My areas of academic specialization include social theory, counterrevolutionary (reactionary) sociology, social and political movements, evolutionary sociology, historical sociology, cyclical theory, and the sociology of organizations and bureaucracy.  I also have an interest in the relationship of sociology to physics, philosophy, and quantum mechanics, and have lately focused my concentrations on postmodernity and social change.

My depth of expertise rests in classical social thought and its application to the political, religious, and economic disciplines.  The ideas of Comte, Sumner, Pareto, Marx, Maistre, Bonald, Vico, Menendez-Pelayo, Barthes, Parsons, and especially Baudrillard and Cioran, are among the central figures of my expertise.  I am also an accomplished/published scholar on Thomas Mann's Death in Venice.

My areas of research specializations are African and Latin American sociopolitical movements, globalization, Continental Philosophy, and the relationship between social factors and religious belief, practice and the postmodern condition.


Last Updated: 5/6/19