Jon Loessin

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Dr. Loessin's Biography

Dr. Jonathan K. Loessin was born and raised in Columbus, Texas, where he still resides. He is married to Deborah (a Registered Nurse) and they have four adult children and soon to be eight grandchildren. His hobbies include writing, cooking, travelling, and spending time on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico.

Complimenting his career as an instructor in higher education, he serves as President of the Association for the Scientific Study of Religion, the Editor of the Annual Proceedings of the ASSR, and a Director on the Board of the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies. Before his extensive career at WCJC, he served as a Lecturer of Sociology at the University of Louisiana--Monroe for three years, and before that, was a graduate Assistant Instructor at Sam Houston State University and taught for Lee College in their inmate education program at the Texas Department of Corrections, Eastham Unit (Trinity, Texas). 

Dr. Loessin has traveled extensively on four continents, including North/Central America, Europe (5 trips--Britain primarily, and the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Italy) but with an empahsis on multiple visits to sub-Saharan Africa [South Africa (including Transkei and kwaZulu, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Zambia)] and Latin America [including multiple visitations to Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Brazil, (with a planned trip to Chile)] and is currently focusing his academic research on the influence of contemporary belief systems on social philosophy, political ideology, identity, nationalistic movements, and the analysis of contemporary social thought including the analysis of the emergence of postmodernity and its effect on globalization. He has long studied the contrasts (cultural, demographic, political, and economic) between developed and undeveloped regions of the world and purposefully and charitably engages in micro-lending to budding entrepreneurs in developing nations through the KIVA lending program online in an effort to jump-start beneficial and targeted economic growth in selected world regions. 


Last Updated: 5/6/19