Jon Loessin

Campus:  Wharton
Division:  Social and Behavioral Sciences
Building:  S-121
911 Boling Highway
Wharton, TX, 77488
Phone:  979-532-6461

Dr. Loessin received his B.S. and M.A. from Sam Houston State University, ABD from Texas A&M University, and Ph.D. from Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica. He came to WCJC in 1989 from The University of Louisiana at Monroe where he was a Lecturer of Sociology from 1986-1989. He teaches SOCI 1301: Introduction to Sociology, SOCI 1306: Social Problems, SOCI 2319: Minority Studies; SOCI 2326/PSYC 2319: Social Psychology, ANTH 2346: General Anthropology, ANTH 2351: Cultural Anthropology, as well as ENGL 1301: Composition I, ENGL 1302: Composition II, ENGL 2322: British Literature I, ENGL 2323: British Literature II, ENGL 2333: World Literature II, and HUMA 1301: Introduction to Humanities. 

Office Hours:

Spring 2019

MWF: 9:50-11:00, 11:50-12:30; W: 9:50-11:00 (Wharton Campus, S-121)

TR: 8:55-9:25, after 12:05 (Sugarland Campus, Faculty Office Area)

Other times online and by appointment.


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