General Remarks

General RemarksThe courses are presented the usual lecture format with regularly assigned Homework, periodic Tests, and a Final Examination. For note taking, I recommend business size loose leaf paper (lined or unlined), punched and in a ring binder. Pencils (2 or 3 colors) with eraser are preferable, and a straightedge is often useful.

Homework assignments should be prepared as assigned in a form that can be turned in at the beginning of class. I may ask you to turn them in, work one of the problems on a Pop Quiz, or simply ask if there are questions about the assignment. A cumulative Homework score will be included in the Final Grade (Course) Average, having the weight of one Test.

There will probably be four Tests, each an "hour" in length, announced in advance, and preceded by a class set aside for your review questions. Usually, there will be a Sample Test or Test Review Sheet, given out in advance, from which to prepare. See also the Worked Examinations in the Library note sets for additional materials. Calculators will not be allowed on Tests unless explicitly permitted in the Test instructions (orally, on the board, or on the Test paper).

The Final Examination will have a two hour time limit. It is the last and most important statement of competence in the subject matter of the course, and it will carry weight somewhere between 25% and 35% in determination of the Course Average.
Though no relevant facts are ignored in determining final grade, the Course Average will be the determining factor in most cases. Borderline decisions may involve other considerations, such as class attendance (which is required - maximum 15% cuts) and other forms of involvement.

If you have difficulty with something and need help beyond the class experience, see me for an office visit. If you miss a class, I recommend you get a hold of a fellow student's notes and study them before asking anybody to reproduce the entire lecture you missed. Also, check the library note sets to see if there is anything that will help you there. You can always email me for suggestions.

Please email me also if you must be absent for an extended period. If you don't, failure to meet attendance requirements may result in failure of the course. I can assist with study plans, or withdrawal process if that becomes necessary.

The "Drop Date" (last day to withdraw without penalty) is Friday, November 19, 2004.
Check this page frequently for any newsworthy items, such as Test dates. These items will also be announced in class. If you don't have a computer (Ha!), you may use one in the Library.


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